RDJ is coming for a Fan Show in India for Avengers Infinity War!!!

Just when you thought Marvel has done enough to promote one of the biggest movies – Avengers Infinity War, comes a surprise.


One of Marvel India’s partner – Planet Of Geeks, which started selling Official Merchandises of Infinity War about two months back, has been in talks with Marvel to bring RDJ to India for a fan show and it looks like it is coming true.
Sources close to the company are saying that Planet Of Geeks has been in talks for the past two months and now everything seems to be set in stone.
They have just launched a major campaign giving away free tickets for the First Day Shows for Infinity War in Satyam Cinemas, Chennai. Security has been beefed up for some reason in and around Satyam Cinemas, with Police doing some major shuffling of traffic.
The plan was getting delayed due to the theatre strike that was happening for the past one month. Now that the strike is over, the plan seems to be back in place.
The company seems to have approached the local law enforcement agencies for permissions and sources are saying they are waiting for the same. As soon as all the permissions have been granted, we believe they will make the official announcement that they are bringing RDJ.
Planet Of Geeks ( www.planetofgeeks.com ) became a talking point due to the infinity stones Merchandises that they released. Fans were quick to decipher their Soul Stone Merchandise. The Company has been doing a lot of Promotions for Infinity War and this might be the biggest one yet as no company has ever tried to do something of this magnitude.
The initial plan for the company was to bring each major character to each Metro city, but for some reason the plan has been dropped.
If RDJ does come to India, Planet of Geeks would have made “The Dream” come true for many of the Die – Hard fans in India. The Stars of the movie just completed the Singapore tour.

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